Keith's Coffee Bar

Keith’s Coffee Bar

Friendly, quaint and communal is a quick description we’d give this neighborhood spot. Conveniently located near the University of Denver, the coffee shop makes it simple for students looking to get their internet and caffeine fix. You can see the menu here.

This café gives off a the sense of productive ambiance. Keith’s Coffee Bar certainly has the space to accommodate small to medium sized gatherings (up to 10 people.) So, if you’re looking to host your next book club event or meetup, this venue would be a great choice.

There are a some food items available to purchase and public Wi-Fi should readily accessible. Dedicated parking for the venue is located in the back, it is fenced. The featured above shows 3 of the baristas who work at Keith’s, from left to right: Kalvin, Ellie and Jonas-each one of them are more than happy to help you on your visit.

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