Denver Christkindl Market Photo 1

Denver Christkindl Market

The annual Denver Christkindl Market is an offspring from the traditional Christmas markets in Germany, which are traced back to the 14th century. There is a longstanding history for this festival and it shouldn't disappoint you if you're looking to try something new. One of the enjoyments found at this venue is the ability to wine and dine on some of the more culturally diverse foods Europe has to offer. To ...

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Denver Colfax Marathon

The Colfax Marathon

Denver's very own marathon is an event which is organized every year. This event is hosted by the Colfax Marathon Partnership and HAL Sports in the heart of what we know as City Park, a geographical location hard to miss as it's right next to the Denver Zoo. A lot of the city's athletes are eager to participate, as this is one of the largest nationally recognized races found within ...

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