Denver Colfax Marathon

The Colfax Marathon

Denver’s very own marathon is an event which is organized every year. This event is hosted by the Colfax Marathon Partnership and HAL Sports in the heart of what we know as City Park, a geographical location hard to miss as it’s right next to the Denver Zoo. A lot of the city’s athletes are eager to participate, as this is one of the largest nationally recognized races found within the United States. So it’s no surprise if you hear familiar names from across the state and even worldwide. Check out the post race results through the official channel: Race Results – Colfax MarathonColfax Marathon (

To keep you in the loop, this event does have a post run lineup of vendors and gift givers-so if you plan on running, be sure to bring some company, some of your items can be left at bag check before the start if you decide to go it alone. We’ve seen a few of the following sponsors for the event: KPMG, Booz Allen Hamilton, Davis Graham & Strubs, World Vision, DaVita and PawsCo.

For runners there isn’t generally designated parking, but since it is in the heart of Denver, there is adequate public parking available within the area. City Park also has public parking available on both the inner and outer Northeast corner of the park lines, get there early if you hope to catch a spot this close to the starting line.\

The race itself consists of a full 26.2, a half and a relay. You can learn more about the spectator spots here: Colfax Marathon Spectator Guide. For the official breakdown of the race, visit: Denver Marathon, Half Marathon, 10 MilerColfax Marathon (

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