Luz De Denver (Light of Denver)

Luz de Denver: Exploring the Iconic Angel Wings Sculpture in Downtown Denver Luz de Denver is a public art sculpture located in downtown Denver, Colorado that has quickly become an iconic landmark of the city. This beautiful sculpture is a pair of angel wings that stands tall and proud, and it has become a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. The sculpture was inspired by the original "Wings" sculpture created by ...

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Bishop Castle in Rye, Colorado

Bishop Castle in Rye

Bishop Castle: A Unique Piece of Architecture in Colorado Nestled in the San Isabel National Forest, approximately 2 hours south of Denver, Colorado, stands an impressive castle-like structure called the Bishop Castle. Built entirely by one man, Jim Bishop, the castle is a testament to the power of human will, creativity, and passion. Jim Bishop began construction of Bishop Castle in 1969, after purchasing the land at the age of 15. Originally, ...

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