Hermes at Tuscany Plaza (Mercury)

Hermes is a public art installation located within Greenwood Village, Colorado. This piece interestingly enough actually goes by the name Mercury.

We looked and looked to find answers to provide along with this piece, and Tim Vacca the Director of Programs & Communications (2022) at MOA was able to provide the wonderful insight here.

The sculpture was procured by John Madden and his wife, Marjorie Madden, when Tuscany Plaza was built in 1985. John Madden (John Madden Company) was the developer who built the building. The piece is a replica of Giambologna’s original c. 1580 which is located at the Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence and was acquired from Florence, Italy at the Frilli Gallery around 1984 during construction of the building. They are still selling replicas out of this gallery today in various scales.

The artwork belongs to the building, which has been sold a few times over the years. The current owner is America’s Capital Partners. Museum of Outdoor Arts (MOA) used to be located in Tuscany Plaza many years ago and has always included Mercury in its tours of outdoor art in the area, even after our founder, John Madden, sold the building.

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