Leaf Pedestrian Bridge

The Lone Tree Leaf Pedestrian Bridge: A Unique Landmark in Colorado

The state of Colorado is known for its picturesque natural scenery, from the towering Rocky Mountains to the sweeping plains. But nestled in the heart of the Denver metro area is a unique landmark that draws locals and tourists alike: the Lone Tree Leaf Pedestrian Bridge.

Located in the city of Lone Tree, just south of Denver, this striking pedestrian bridge spans over Lincoln Avenue, connecting the Lone Tree Arts Center and the Lone Tree Library. But what sets this bridge apart from others is its distinctive leaf-shaped design, which evokes the natural beauty of Colorado’s landscapes.

The Lone Tree Leaf Pedestrian Bridge was designed by Studio NYL, a Boulder-based structural engineering firm that specializes in innovative, sustainable design. The bridge’s leaf shape is not just for aesthetics – it also serves a practical purpose. The design provides extra shade for pedestrians during hot summer months, and it helps to channel rainwater away from the bridge deck, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

But the bridge’s unique design is not the only reason it has become a beloved landmark in the area. The Lone Tree Leaf Pedestrian Bridge is also a symbol of community and connection. It serves as a gathering place for locals, who use it as a meeting spot for events and festivals. And it has become a popular spot for photo opportunities, with visitors snapping pictures of the bridge and its stunning views of the Colorado mountains.

The Lone Tree Leaf Pedestrian Bridge has also been recognized for its innovative design and engineering. In 2014, it won a National Steel Bridge Alliance Prize for Creative Design, which recognizes outstanding achievements in engineering and architecture.

But beyond its design accolades, the Lone Tree Leaf Pedestrian Bridge is a testament to the power of collaboration and vision. It was built through a public-private partnership between the city of Lone Tree, Douglas County Libraries, and the Lone Tree Arts Center, with funding from local businesses and community members.

As Lone Tree Mayor Jackie Millet said at the bridge’s opening in 2013, “This bridge is a symbol of community, cooperation and partnership. It represents our commitment to building a vibrant community that values art, culture and quality of life.”

Today, the Lone Tree Leaf Pedestrian Bridge stands as a shining example of innovative design, community spirit, and the natural beauty of Colorado. It is a landmark that continues to inspire and delight visitors from around the world.

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